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Some general requirements : 
  • Submit your film before 30/06/2023 midnight GMT

  • We accept fiction of any kind or genre

  • We accept feature films as well as short films

  • The film was produced in 2017 or later

  • Non french, dutch or english speaking films should have subtitles in one of those languages 

  • Low budget does not mean the same thing in the United States as it does in Europe or Australia, which is why there is no budget limit. We will ask you to give us your budget and we will, possibly, make new categories accordingly.

  • Arrange the payment of entry fee directly on filmfreeway

  • You'll be asked to deliver us a link to a trailer and a picture of your film

  • You'll be asked to give us the names of your crew (Sound engineer, Music, Actors, Cinematographer, ...)

  • We accept all kinds of film and all ways of making it. The film may be shot with a smartphone, have no lights or lack original music, but the film must be watchable, well-acted and sound more than acceptable.

By submitting your film, you agree:
  1. You own all the rights to your film

  2. Entry fees are not refundable

  3. We can use elements of your film (including clips, trailer and poster) for promotional purposes

When you submit a film, we may share your name, some images or other information for our press releases and marketing

Some general information : 

  • The Real Deal Low Budget Film Festival award event will take place on September 15th and 16th 2023 in Brussels, Belgium 

  • You may submit unfinished work for consideration but we do recommend submitting finished work

  • We will be watching every film and note them all.  

If you still have questions, feel free to take contact with us.

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