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Good luck with everything.png

Good luck with everything

Still getting over a breakup, a man house sitting for a friend must deal with his feelings when a charming young woman crashes on the couch.

Directed by

Chris Riggi

Two is the magic number.png

Two is a magic number

A day at the lake. Andrejs ex-girlfriend Nadia pays him a visit. Nadia and Andrej's former best mate Claudius are a couple now. Nadia's request for help confronts Andrej with a common dark secret

Directed by

Holger Borggrefe

Stefan Hering

La guerre nuptiale.png

La guerre nuptiale

In the midst of a quarrel, two lovers are suddenly interrupted by so-called intraterrestrials claiming their reconciliation could save the world.

Directed by

Maxime Desruisseaux

The butterfly queen.png


The butterfly queen

Casey and Robin find themselves chasing a teenager through a magical, monster-infested forest, struggling to regain Casey’s stolen sketchbook so that they can get the hell back home. Trouble is, The Butterfly Queen wants the sketchbook as well, 

Directed by

Liam O'Connor-Genereux

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