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Two is the magic number.png

Two is a magic number

A day at the lake. Andrejs ex-girlfriend Nadia pays him a visit. Nadia and Andrej's former best mate Claudius are a couple now. Nadia's request for help confronts Andrej with a common dark secret

Directed by

Holger Borggrefe

Stefan Hering

The butterfly queen.png

The butterfly queen

A small-town cartoonist and their reckless best friend have to steal back a sketchbook from The Butterfly Queen’s nightmare dimension.

Directed by

Liam O'Connor-Genereux

Blue moon.png

Blue moon

While his family thinks he's in Hong Kong on a business deal, Horace Jones is covertly working in his own service station. When a suspicious character expires in the station's toilet clutching a large wad of cash, Horace is suddenly offered a tempting opportunity to solve his financial problems.

Directed by

Stefen harris

Le petit prodigue.png

Le petit prodige

Bière amère.png

Bière amère




A young pianist finds himself drawn more or less willingly into a scheme of football players' agents...

Directed by

Xavier Diskeuve

Eric, an introverted bachelor, has been working at the same Belgian brewery for 20 years. While he wants to quit in order to break his routine, he realizes that he is the only one who can save the brewery by participating in a beer uncapping contest.

Directed by

Julien Dewitte

A woman who has a fanatical husband tries not to make her daughter's future look like her own.

Directed by

Majid Mirhashemi

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