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La protagoniste.png

La protagoniste

The Protagonist, is presented to us in her natural environment : a jungle, sadly, often lacking in density. But today enough is enough! Being the mother, the secretary, the lover, the nanny, the baby bottle, the side piece of the main male character is no longer enough for our dear Protagonist ! 

Directed by

Sarah Carlot Jaber

La petite honte.png

La petite honte

Izza-belle, a young student goes for the first time at one of her classmate's apartment. She is amazed by the huge library in the living room. When he told her that a house without a library is a house without culture. Izza becomes aware that there is no bookcase at her place...



A woman who has a fanatical husband tries not to make her daughter's future look like her own.

Directed by

Majid Mirhashemi

Directed by

Zahra Benasri


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